Welcome to the Nexous Store

Nexous is not supported by any third party entity, and therefore relies on the donations of its players. Players may contribute to the server by purchasing cosmetics through this website.

Nexous also wants to expand and become a Network where we can host multiple servers, which is very doable by the team that is running it, but to upkeep a multi-server network, it will require a lot of funding. So, please help us reach this goal by purchasing things from the store or donating.

Any errors with your purchase, please contact an [ADMIN], and they will assist you with anything you may need. If you would like to sponsor our server, please contact us. If you received an unauthorized charge from us, you may also feel free to join our Discord (https://nexous.net/discord) and chat with an [ADMIN] about how to resolve that.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated,
The Nexous Team.

*Nexous is not affiliated or supported in any way by Microsoft or MOJANG.